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Rust-Orange Handloom Tussar Saree

Rust-Orange Handloom Tussar Saree

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Like a sunset over a rustic landscape, this saree exudes warmth and allure with its rich rust-orange hue. Crafted from pure handloom tussar fabric, indigenous to the heartlands of Jharkhand, each thread is a testament to the skilled artistry of local artisans. Delicately embroidered with self-colored floral motifs, this saree epitomizes elegance and grace. Its natural sheen and unique texture lend depth and character, creating an exquisite interplay of light and shadow. Embrace the timeless beauty of handloom craftsmanship and adorn yourself in the Rust Orange Self-Embroidered Saree, a masterpiece of refined style and enduring charm.

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5.5 Mtr Length, 1.2 Mtr Width

Tussar silk, originates from the cocoon of the Tussar silkworm, Antheraea mylitta, primarily found in the forests of Jharkhand state in India. Unlike the more common mulberry silk, Tussar silk is valued for its unique texture and natural sheen, which lend an exquisite allure to textiles. The production process of Tussar silk involves a combination of traditional techniques and modern innovations, including hand spinning, hand weaving, and sometimes, modern machinery. Its distinctive golden hue and irregular fiber structure contribute to its rich visual appeal, making it a prized choice for luxurious sarees, scarves, and other garments. Beyond its aesthetic qualities, Tussar silk also holds cultural significance, as it reflects the skilled craftsmanship and rich herit

•Dimension-5.5 Mtr Length, 1.2 Mtr Width
• Blousepiece included -Yes
• Material-Tussar Silk
• Craft-Handloom
• Care Instructions-Dry Clean Only
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