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Saantha.. a story of many artisans

Saantha embodies the spirit of cultural heritage, celebrating the rich traditions and skills passed down through generations. It recognizes the value of regional crafts and handlooms and works towards creating a platform that supports and empowers artisans.

We have been working very closely with some of the most Primitive Tribal Groups (specially protected groups) in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orissa. The various works of regional crafts are a form of artistic expression and storytelling. The motifs and designs often have symbolic meanings and represent the tribe's cultural heritage and beliefs. We aspire to preserve the heritage and skills of these indigenous communities and contribute to the diversity and beauty of India's textile traditions.

  • Our Co Founders

    Mrs. Suchitra Sinha (Retd IAS and Social worker)

    A dedicated bureaucrat and former IAS, Mrs Suchitra has spearheaded the mission of sustainable livelihood for Primitive Tribal Groups. Having witnessed firsthand the neglected plight of these tribes, she has tirelessly worked for their welfare for over 25 years in Jharkhand. She is among the NITI Ayog Women Transforming India Awardees in the country's 75th Independence year. She is currently serving as Jharkhand's special rapporteur for National Human Rights Commission.
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  • Astha Ratan

    Astha completed her MBA from Leeds University Business School in the UK, and has since used her experience with organizations such as PWC, Save the Children India and Indiabulls to lead projects to improve the lives of vulnerable indigenous groups. Her diverse background and passionate drive have enabled her to effectively design and implement development plans in the Jharkhand region in close collaboration with NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development).
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  • Aanchal Sahni

    Aanchal is an accomplished INSEAD graduate with 10 years of experience in the corporate sector. She has lived and worked across 5 countries. With a diverse background in automotive project management, supply chain design and marketing, she brings a global perspective to her work. With her experience, Aanchal has a keen interest in handicrafts sector and strengthening the manufacturing base at the grassroots level in India.
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Saantha House Of Design

  • Design Development

    We collaborated closely with the Santhal community to develop an authentic embroidery style that reflects their rich cultural heritage. Through meaningful engagement and exchange of ideas, we co-created a unique embroidery technique that pays homage to their traditional art forms and intricate craftsmanship.
  • The Saantha Project

    This collaboration allowed us to preserve their artistic traditions while empowering the Santhal artisans to showcase their skills and sell their beautifully embroidered creations.

Our Mentors

  • Mr. Ranjan Chatterjee (Retd IAS, Expert Member-National Green Tribunal and Planning commission of India)

    With an impressive career spanning various prestigious positions, he has served as the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Defence, Government of India, Chief Secretary of Meghalaya, and as a Consultant for the Planning Commission, overseeing the Environment and Forests Sector. As an Expert Member of the National Green Tribunal, he contributed to landmark judgments. Additionally, he holds the role of Adjunct Professor at the National Law School University, Guwahati. An alumnus of Hindu College, Delhi University, and the London School of Economics, he also completed his post-graduation at the National Defence College, Delhi. With a deep passion for environmental matters, he is known for his avid reading habits.

Our Partners Ambalika NGO

  • Ambalika, a Not-for-Profit organization has been working hard for more than 18 years for the Socio-Economic development of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups(PVTGs) & other Tribal communities who are on the verge of extinction and live in remote, inaccessible areas of Jharkhand in extreme conditions of poverty.It’s aim is to provide them with a sustainable source of livelihood by reviving and promoting their dying craft. Use text slides, paired with a large image to create a captivating brand story, explain details of your products, or even provide reviews.

Kraftribe Producer Company

  • Kraftribe offers exquisite handicrafts created by the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups of Jharkhand, particularly the Sabars. These unique products are crafted from Kanshi grass, bamboo, and palm leaves, showcasing the strength and durability of Jharkhand's exclusive Kanshi grass. The combination of bamboo and grass sets these items apart, as it is not practiced elsewhere in the country. Moreover, these eco-friendly and ethically sourced creations serve to raise awareness about the endangered craft of a marginalized tribe. Kraftribe serves as a platform for artisans to directly sell their handmade products, enabling them to earn a sustainable income without intermediaries.