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Kraftribe Handmade Kanshi Grass Chapati Box/Storage Box(Multicolour)

Kraftribe Handmade Kanshi Grass Chapati Box/Storage Box(Multicolour)

Regular price Rs. 1,499

Exquisitely handcrafted in Jharkhand, India, our Kanshi grass chapati box adds an exotic touch to your dining experience. Made from natural materials, this environment friendly box doubles as a versatile storage organizer for small items such as jewelry. This can also be used to serve chapattis and breads on special occasions. With a beige hue accented by motifs, it's both decorative and functional. Crafted from durable Kanshi grass and palm leaves that are abundant in local flora, it's sturdy yet lightweight.

Ambalika, a Not For Profit organization, is dedicated to preserving the near-extinct Sabar tribe's art. Our artisans receive top-notch training and create each product in an environment of joy, honor, and respect, keeping the art traditions alive for patrons who share our values.

Dimension- 20cmX 11cm